Chakras/Centres and Aura

How to Clear Chakras
This is highly recommended for all, as it shows how to purify and cleanse negativity. It mentions how the energies are affected by drugs and alcohol. It deals with karma, how it manifests in the etheric, and working off karma to clear coarser ethers in the aura. It explains the conditions under which the chakra system stays young and beautiful, and it also provides breathing techniques to help clear the centres.


How we Acquired the Aura
Here we have an explanation of the beginning of the Aura – by light awareness in the basic cells from which we are made. The Aura is a resonant field around the chakras which has evolved as our planet evolved. This talk tells of how the Aura has acquired vibrational colours through many lives. It ends with The Great Invocation.


Base (Sex) Chakra
This talk on the Base or Sex energy centre is the first in a series about the Chakras. Topics mentioned include: The Ancients’ use of sex energy. The red energies and how to use them for development. Looking at the uses and abuses of Sexual Energy. How this energy can be used to take us higher and further.
[Originally called ‘The Growth and History, Uses and Nuisances of Sexual Energy’]


Navel Chakra
Moving up from the Base (Sex) energy centre, this lecture explains the functions of the orange Navel energy centre. It describes why vegetarians wear orange robes, and the effects of our emotions on the digestive system. It gives the reasons for the red energy appearing in this area. We learn about: the importance of having the “right vibes” when producing and eating food, dowsing to find the correct food, the danger of extreme diets and the effect of music on this centre.
[Originally called ‘The Energy of the Abdomen’]


Solar Plexus Chakra
Following the Base and Navel chakras, the Yellow solar plexus chakra is explained next. This is the “flight or fight” centre and links with the mind. The talk deals with: The practices of early civilizations using this energy in sport. The higher energies combining with the primitive lower energies. The colours which can appear in this chakra and the meaning of these colours. The incarnation of a spirit and some of the reasons behind its choice of body experience.


Heart Chakra
In the fourth in the chakra series, we come to the Green Heart centre. Here we hear about the qualities that refine this area, and the functioning of this centre on the etheric level. We learn about the importance of obtaining right colours, and the changes and reactions within this centre when healing. We find out what happens when we fall in love. We hear about the Heart Chakra of both the individual and the world.


Throat Chakra
The first of the higher centres is the blue throat chakra. The topics covered include: The reaction of sound within us, and the origins of language. The effects of sounds on the energy flows. The effect that sounds have on the ether and thought forms. Mantras linking with the higher centres. The sounds of animals. The sounds of nature. And a breathing exercise to help this area.


Third Eye Chakra
We learn about the Forehead centre. We learn of how the Third Eye is used in psychic work, and its link with spirituality. We learn the reason for headaches and the meaning of the colours in this area. We also learn how the Third Eye is an instrument connected to the higher self, holding the memories of all actions in past lives. We are provided with an explanation of the etheric energies of this centre.


Crown Chakra
This is the seventh and last in the series covering the energy centres. It concerns the “pure light” area, and gives many fascinating insights into esoteric doctrines. Some of the aspects covered are:
The chalice form of consciousness, the appearance of the energies above the head, and the auric fireworks display. It provides an explanation of ancient symbols and discusses the colours and energies at the Top of the Head, and the dimensions to which these are linked.


Sound in the Aura
In this talk, we discover where sound originates. We learn about when nature helps us with sound and when it does not. Acupuncture and acupressure are discussed. Also covered are various aspects of sound, including balancing the sound within the body consciousness, for men and women.


Smell and Taste in the Aura
This talk includes the following topics: The way animals use smell. The sensitivity of primitive man. Awareness of the auric smell. The different smells created by energy vibrations. The use of herbs and spices. Aromatherapy.


Balancing the Aura
Everyone would benefit from understanding and practising the knowledge revealed herein. Information is provided on:
Balancing the energies and vibrations in the Auric Egg. How the aura changes and shifts its shape, and about the mini-auras around organs. It informs us how to open and close the space around us, and how to tune into the Auric space. We also learn about the healing dimensions, the karma in this and past lives, the thought forms and their influence on us, and the reasons why we must work for an impeccable spirit.


Animals – Auras, Chakras and Evolution
This talk explains: The chakra systems of animals, how it differs from the human chakra system. The meanings of colours in animals’ energy centres. The effect of our auras on animals. The intuition of animals and what they see on the invisible. We learn what happens when an animal fights and that the extinction of a species does not mean that the energy of the species ceases to exist.


Music and the Chakras
This explains the effect of sound on the energy centres (chakras) and the rhythms that link with centre energies. We find out about tuning into the world of sound and how sound affects the aura. It gives an explanation of how energies are released through movement, why some people are motivated to dance and how to switch on music within ourselves.


Art and the Chakras
This talk tells us how the vibrations of the artist and his work affect us. We learn the importance of watching one’s thought when painting. We hear about the futility of laying down one’s life for another, the damage to the geometry of the chakra system. We learn why it is important to have an open heart for healing and how art raises our consciousness.


This tells us about changing the properties of the etheric, cleansing with purer energy fields, balancing the chakra system, changing the earth with our radiations, and dissolving the negative particles.


What is a Centre
We hear about how we externalise what is in our centres. We go back to the beginning of time, and learn about the structures of centres, and how accidents and tragedies affect the etheric. We hear about the connection between the White Brotherhood and the highest centre, and many important aspects of centres of all kinds, terrestrial and human.
[N.B. In this lecture, “White Brotherhood” refers to the higher dimension of Light Beings. This is not a racial or gender or modern reference.]


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