Anita Offik

Anita Sauer, who writes under the name of Offik in honour of her late mother, has a PhD in German and English literature and worked in the past as a journalist, translator and pedagogical consultant. She has been a language teacher for over three decades and presently works at a public high school in Lugano, Switzerland.

She grew up with a broad cultural background: her father was a painter, astrologer and astronomer. He was much attracted by Eastern philosophy and practiced Yoga under the guidance of his friend Selvarajan Yesudian. Her mother worked as journalist and editor – in the sixties for the Swiss Tibetan Aid – and in her late years wrote articles and lectured on religions. Her parents gave her the love for art, philosophy and religion, as these were the daily topics of conversation. The search for the deeper meaning of life made her read the main religious scripts as well as books of famous exponents of esoteric knowledge. Her parents encouraged her also to develop her talent for music and dance. After many years of ballet, jazz dance and flamenco she has concentrated on Tai Chi Chuan, which she teaches now at the Popular University of Lugano.

Anita made Lilla’s acquaintance at a seminar in Schermau/Munich and brought her to Switzerland for seminars and personal consultations. Ever since they have remained in close contact and their relationship has developed into an enriching friendship. Together they have been working on different projects for future publication, including a new book on numerology based on Lilla’s chart and a psychological game using colour knowledge to discover one’s personality.