Blue Whale Wisdom

‘Blue Whale Wisdom’ is a remarkable conversation between Lilla Bek and a blue whale, the largest animal ever to live on our planet with a lifespan of 120 years. Lilla was able to tune in to the whale consciousness by holding an object she was given that had touched a blue whale. ‘Blue Whale Wisdom’ allows us to enter for a while the world of the blue whales, to experience how their awareness is far beyond the scope of the world as we understand it, and to learn how their unique knowledge can aid us to live a fuller, happier life through truly ‘being’.
Blue Whale Wisdom is edited by Ruth Copland, and recorded by Lilla Bek and Ruth Copland (representing Benji the blue whale).


Blue Whale Wisdom – Part 1
How whales communicate with each other and other beings; how you can experience what it’s like to be a blue whale; the consciousness of the ocean and why whales chose to remain there; whether humans can incarnate as whales; hope for the environment; what it means to kill whales and dolphins; reincarnation; how whales see energy and colour; what is ‘reality’; how to deal with fear, negativity, and division; what it means for humans to kill humans; how the animal, mineral, and vegetable kingdoms can align; how to heal and transmute; whether humans and whales interact with God/ Universal Consciousness differently; thought-forms and how they affect us; the need to connect physically with nature; whether whales feel sorrow; how to have healthy relationships.


Blue Whale Wisdom – Part 2
Evolution and evolutionary patterns; the ending of species; civilisations on Earth; group and individual souls; the process of dying; existing between life and death; the process of planning rebirth; how it feels to enter a new whale body and start a new life; how whales come to know their parents; how whales teach their young while in the womb; what it feels like to be born as a whale; the sea as Mother; the different jobs of creatures in the sea; how and what the blue whales are taught about humans; how the world of the sea works both on physical and energetic levels; the story of humans before they had bodies; the beginning of creation.


Blue Whale Wisdom – Part 3
1. Kundalini – how the chakra system of humans evolved; how the energy system of whales differs from humans.
2. Colour – how humans view colour and how to sense it more deeply; how to connect with the past and future through colour.
3. Sensing – how to sense most fully; how to create and dissolve energy manifestations.
4. Negativity and Thought Forms – how negativity arises; the anti-world; the nature of positive and negative thought forms; the work of whales to clear negativity and how they do it; how the balance of the universe is maintained; the role of higher beings in cleansing Earth.
5. Dissolving Thought Forms – how humans can create and dissolve thought forms; how whales deal with ‘sick’ thought forms on Earth.
6. Children – how children should be nurtured; how to guide children in constructive play.


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