Esoteric Knowledge

What are Dimensions in Space and Time?
This is a most interesting talk, taking us into the different levels of reality. It explains the beginning of time, the healing dimensions, the ability to manifest everywhere, and many more phenomena which have puzzled mankind since the dawn of time.


How to Handle Negative Forces – Internal and External
An informative talk which helps us to cleanse the earth and purify our energies. It gives tips on how to cleanse the ether, and the vibrations in and around the home with visualisation and breathing through the chakras.


What are Thought Forms
An interesting insight into a much misunderstood subject. The talk covers the following aspects: The power of Thought Forms. Cording through Thought Forms. Thought Forms that are mistaken for ghosts. The effect of being surrounded by Thought Forms. The link between Thought Forms and the sender. The power of positive thought. How oceans and seas clear Thought Forms. The colour of Thought Forms. Thought Forms of Animals. Making Thought Forms appear in the etheric.


What are Entities
This gives a wealth of information about: Etheric records. The difference between guides and entities, and the dangers of attracting entities when sitting in circles and holding seances. Understanding why entities are here, and banishing unwanted entities. The ability to sense entities and how to switch off. How negativity in the ether affects us. Phantom pregnancies. The effect past lives have on us, on earth levels. The White Brotherhood. The part prayer and meditation play in clearing entities (For deeper understanding of the subject, the talks ‘What are Thought Forms?’ and ‘Elementals’ are recommended.)
[N.B. In this lecture, “White Brotherhood” refers to the higher dimension of Light Beings. This is not a racial or gender or modern reference.]


All About Cords
This talk reveals rare knowledge about: The cords we make and break in our relationships. We discover the energy links promoted by emotion, cording within various centres. The forming of cords in the womb. The colour links through the cords. We also discover what happens to cords in unrequited love, and how to use the energy from rejected love for spiritual growth.


Relationships and Spiritual Growth
A look into the values and meanings of relationships. We learn of: Illness caused through misuse of sexual energies. The making and breaking of cords. The marks left on the heart energies from suffering. The gaining of spirituality.


We learn about the aspects, shapes and structures of elementals. The topics discussed are: The inhabitants of major and minor rays. How we shape our own impressions. Seeing energy fields. The links with our own energy fields and elementals. Thought forms that get mistaken for elementals.


A very interesting talk, mentioning among other things: The Angelic inside ourselves. Changing levels to go into the Angelic. The manifestation of awareness on the etheric. The relationship of the atom to gravity. How and why Angels change levels of consciousness to appear to us. Directing the healing energies. The meaning of the first breath at the beginning of time.


The Christ Within Us
This is about the underlying spiritual nature of mankind. We learn about the importance of the earthing qualities of Joseph and the spiritual qualities of Mary. The talk tells us of Christ’s spirit within us, and the different rays of the apostles. It also touches on: the preparation and life of Christ; Shroud of Turin; Essenes; conception and breastfeeding; cording of a baby and child; future of birth; initiation, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension.


In this talk, we hear about:
The choices we make when coming down to earth from the rose dimension. The differences in the root races. The reason why several people claim to have been the same person in a previous life. The reasons why we experience setbacks and the influence of the past on our present feelings. The evolution of the centres, the etheric levels and the astral plane.


The Essenes on the Etheric
This describes how – through many incarnations – the Essenes prepared bodies capable of incarnating the Christ experience. It mentions that Our Lady was part of the community of Essenes, and describes the colours of her aura. The energy fields associated both with the light and the dark are described, as well as the gravity field of “Fallen Angels”, and the importance of the transformation of souls for the whole cosmic process. What was it like to live with the Essenes at the time of Christ? This gives an eyewitness account for the third eye.


About Levitation
While some saints may indeed levitate, even involuntarily, during meditation, with most people it is enough to feel their arms (for example) wanting to rise upwards. This can happen as they raise their consciousness, and change their auras and energy field, including the feather-like energies over the head. We also learn about the influence of past lives on the possibility to levitate. At the request of a British Research Foundation investigating levitation scientifically, Lilla produced this to explain what levitation is, and what it is not.


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