Relaxations & Meditations

Relaxation is vital for us to function properly and bring peace, balance, and harmony to all levels.
We learn how to prepare for a relaxation then there is a journey into deep relaxation using visualisation and imagination, to visit a sunny beach and meet friends. It helps tension to melt away, bringing calm and refreshing mind, body and spirit.


Meditation is natural, and so, is thought to be easy. But we no longer live naturally. This track is conducive to developing the right frame of mind. This is a relaxing style of meditation, calming, balancing and soothing. We can escape from the mundane to a richer, more meaningful state.


Links with the Higher Self
This prepares one for deeper meditation by taking a relaxing journey, releasing and transmuting energies in the chakras and opening the acupuncture points. The journey connects us with the higher consciousness.


Relaxation for the Sick
This relaxation starts with gentle movements, tensing and relaxing the muscles, and practising deep even breathing – to strengthen the body and mind. It continues with creative visualisation to banish negativity and give a powerful sense of well-being.


Cellular Healing Meditation
In this meditation we are guided on a transformative journey, including a deep healing of our cells.


Levitation Meditation
In this meditation we take a timeless voyage into other realms. Consciousness is raised or levitated.


Inner Healing
‘Revitalise and Regenerate Yourself’
This album is a guided meditation split into two parts:-
1. Flowing towards the Source
2. Recharging and Returning
Music by Paul Bek.


‘In Search of Inner Guidance’
This album contains two guided meditations:-
1. Angels of Colour
2. Caves of the Elders
Music by Paul Bek.


Inner Pathways
‘Discover and Rebuild Your Life’
This album contains two guided meditations:-
1. Sparks of Creation
2. Finding the Inner Teacher
Music by Paul Bek.


You in Control
‘Make Inner Strength Your Business’
This album contains two guided meditations:-
1. Success Through Projection
2. Achievement Through Letting Go
Music by Paul Bek.


This album is a guided meditation split into two parts:-
1. Protection, Balance & Vitality
2. Closing Down and Earthing
Music by Paul Bek.


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